Offering local produce at its finest that takes diners on a sensory journey through Hawaiian history, Humuhumunukunukuapua’a is one delicious mouthful after another

Officially named after Hawaii’s state fish, this floating restaurant lives up to its culturally relevant name with a menu that features rich pickings from local land and sea.

Part of the Waldorf Astoria culinary empire, Humuhumunukunukuapua’a sits under a thatched Polynesian roof over a salt-water lagoon on the southern coast of Maui, surrounded by lush flora and the rising slopes of Haleakala.

Home to the illustrious chef Mike Lofaro, the dynamic restaurant, redesigned at the end of 2016, is rooted in Hawaiian heritage. Inspired by the archipelago’s traditional tastes and influences, Lofaro blends his classic techniques with local ingredients to produce simple and balanced flavors.

Fresh fish is caught from the Pacific, while coconuts are hand-picked from the palm trees as part of Chef Lofaro’s mission to capture the essence of the ‘aloha spirit’.

Culinary delights such as Ulu ‘Breadfruit’ Risotto carry a particular cultural significance; breadfruit, an electric-green, rough-textured fruit, was brought to the islands by Polynesian explorers.

Lofaro uses the canoe plants to make a culturally conscious connection to the island foods that permeate many aspects of the local cuisine, lifestyle and culture. Through Chef Lofaro’s tantalizing menu and the power of taste, guests will explore the story of this exotic state.

In keeping with traditional architecture, the thatched roofs, open walls and hia wood create a relaxed and earthy aesthetic. Listen to the iconic sound of the ukulele, smell freshly cut flowers, taste a fruity cocktail and marvel at the spectacular ocean sunset for a Hawaiian sensory overload.

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