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Parisian chemist Pierre-Francois Pascal Guerlain founded his eponymous fragrance house in 1828. He was an explorer, inventor and pioneer, inspired by art and in love with travel. His vision was to create a collection of exquisite skincare that reflected the amazing things he had seen on his journeys abroad. To this day, his passion and adventurous spirit — combined with his rigorous scientific insight — still imbues everything from Guerlain’s fragrance creations to the décor of its boutiques and the choreography of enlightened spa experiences. And it’s by keeping one step ahead of what’s going on in the wider world that Guerlain’s tranquil spa sanctuaries have remained ahead of their time.

It was in 1939, during the tumultuous period at the beginning of the Second World War, when Guerlain opened one of the world’s first urban day spas — L’Institut de Beauté — within its boutique on the prestigious Champs-Elysées in Paris. It was a time when planes, trains and automobiles were rapidly creating the “jet set” society. The world was under intense strain and all opportunities to indulge in a little luxury were prized. Guerlain’s holistic sanctuary offered the perfect, soothing antidote to this suddenly faster-paced and bewildering way of life and the Spa soon became a renowned pampering destination. European royalty and Parisian high society flocked to try these advanced treatments, to rest and recuperate in style.

Guerlain spa pool, bERLIN

Life certainly hasn’t slowed down since 1939, and today Guerlain spas continue to provide innovative, cutting-edge skincare in pampering environments that are perfect for world-weary travelers and discerning guests, whether they are visiting royalty or not.

Guerlain’s uniquely personalized, made-to-measure treatments are centered around effective massage techniques that combine traditional Asian and Western approaches. These enhance the application of bespoke beautifying products, expertly tailored to each individual’s specific needs, to achieve precise results with visible impact. As there is no limit to the combination of techniques and treatments available, every visit to the Guerlain Spa gives therapists a chance to identify and remedy your specific concerns.

So why not slip into a soft, fluffy bathrobe and discover the Guerlain Spa experience. A calm, welcoming atmosphere will sooth your soul while nearly two centuries of scientific expertise will revitalize your body and mind. Take this precious moment to reconnect, recover and restore, escaping to an exquisitely relaxing world where time stands gloriously still, for once.

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