Savoring a beautiful plate of housemade pasta in Italy is a luxury. Enjoying it with freshly shaved black truffle is sheer perfection. Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, elevates that experience even further with a personal tour of the picturesque hills of Umbria that will please any gourmand.

Enjoy black truffles at Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria Resort, after foraging for the delicacy in the beautiful hills of Umbria.

There’s more to a Roman holiday than touring the historic Colosseum and wishing upon the Trevi Fountain.

Foodies looking to discover the true flavors of Italy will find the perfect escape foraging for truffles far from Rome’s busy tourist magnets.

With its dense forests and medieval towns, Umbria, which borders Tuscany, Lazio and Le Marche, is considered one of Italy’s most beautiful regions, often called the country’s “green heart.”

Naturally, it’s attracted the culinarily obsessed, including chefs from around the world to seek black truffles, or tartufo.

Rome Cavalieri – A Waldorf Astoria Resort, can make that same experience a reality with a personal truffle hunt that ends with a sumptuous meal featuring the prized delicacy.

The adventure begins with a journey through the rolling hills of northern Lazio to Umbria. Once there, you’ll be welcomed by a local family who have been hunting truffles in the region for centuries.

Prized for their rarity, truffles will be hunted and unearthed with the help of some four-legged scouts. The family’s trained dogs will lead you to the fine fruits hidden underground, thanks to their keen sense of smell. After a quick dig, you can gather your own Italian black truffles to keep.

The hunt culminates with lunch prepared by the family topped with plenty of food discussion – including tips to preparing truffle dishes – as well as a glimpse into Italy’s history.

After the meal, you’ll embark with a basket full of truffles and countless recipes to try, but not before a brief stop in the historic town of Assisi before returning to the comforts of your suite at Rome Cavalieri, where you can continue to sample Italian cuisine at the hotel’s rooftop restaurant La Pergola, considered one of the top four restaurants in Italy.

La Pergola, from chef Heinz Beck, is the only restaurant in Rome to hold three Michelin stars, and offers panoramic views of the city.

The journey is a great mix of all that makes visiting Rome and Italy so enchanting: landscape, food, family and history.

Combined, the experiences represents that quintessentially Italian approach to the family style sit down lunch where food is delicious, but also an excuse to sit together and share time together — something you rarely get elsewhere, let alone in the hustle and bustle of today’s modern lifestyle.

Note: Rome Cavalieri’s Personal Concierges say this experience is best enjoyed between September and May when black truffles are in season.

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