Iconic American shoe designer Stuart Weitzman is best known for his sky-high heels and over-the-knee boots, designed for glamazons everywhere. Here, he shares his enduring passion for skiing, tennis and airport roulette

Stuart Weitzman

What’s the best way to explore a new destination?

Go there! The best way to explore depends upon where you are but you can’t do it on an Internet site. My eldest daughter and I play a game called Airport Roulette. We don’t know where we’re going, but when we get to the airport, she looks at the screen: the first flight to the first city on that screen, that’s where we’re going.

Which museum stands out the most in your mind?

I have been to the V&A in London so many times. The things they put on are so well done and so interesting.

It’s dinner time at your favorite restaurant. Where are we and what should we order?

In Spain, in a little village called Petrer and the restaurant is called La Sirena, which means ‘the mermaid’. They have won awards for making the best paella, in the country that is the home of paella. That would be like finding the best restaurant in Italy for spaghetti bolognese!

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Where can we find the most breathtaking view in the world?

The Cliffs of Moher on the western coast of Ireland. That was an Airport Roulette trip; we ended up on a flight to Cork. Cork is in an area that is right near the Ring of Kerry, which is a beautiful part of Ireland. There’s no fence, and there are people creeping up to the edge of the cliff on their stomachs. It’s a straight drop down—900-feet—and all the birds are flying below you.

What do you do to completely unwind?

I still love and play my sports. They are part of my life every week. Tennis, ping-pong, skiing… when I’m engaged in those activities, my business is never on my mind. I can’t think of any other time my business doesn’t creep into my head—even sitting at a great meal or while I’m sleeping. Too many dreams about shoes! But on the mountain, or on the court… nope.



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