Distinctive Ming architecture creates a sense of place at Waldorf Astoria Beijing’s Hutong Courtyards, a modern interpretation of centuries-old royal courtyard residences

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Hutong Courtyard

Waldorf Astoria Beijing’s Hutong Courtyards were built during the Ming Dynasty in the Grand Royal Hutong Courtyard style. They are located at the historical site of  Xianliang Temple, which was the former residence of Hongzhang Li, a politician, general, and diplomat of the late Qing Empire.

Details in the Ming Hutong Courtyard, China

Stone-colored walls and ridge roof tiles, accentuated by red doors, red pillars and red window frames, recall the charms of a bygone era, while the luxurious interiors are altogether more modern, providing the perfect sanctuary for guests to escape to. And once inside, it’s the Ming-era geometric and floral decorations in gold and other bold colors that really catch the eye.

Today, in the heart of Wangfujing, this distinctive Ming architecture stands out as stylish and luxurious to our guest for an authentic Chinese Hutong experience.


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