Few spas boast almost two centuries of expertise and worldwide influence.

Since its origin in 1828, the Guerlain Spa, founded along the “world’s most beautiful avenue” — Paris’ Champs-Elysées — has honed and enhanced its signature Culture of Beauty. Recognized around the globe by a shimmering honeycomb motif, Guerlain takes its inspiration from the bee, which lends all-natural restorative properties to its signature products.

Today, this time-honored commitment to excellence in fragrance, skincare and makeup is found at four Waldorf Astoria properties in Amsterdam, Berlin, Edinburgh and Versailles.

A haven of serenity at Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam's Guerlain spa pool


When stepping into the Guerlain Spa at Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam—nestled in the heart of the city center — guests are transported to a haven of serenity.

“It gives you the feeling of being in a private universe of enjoyment and relaxation,” says spa manager Claudia Veerman. “Our goal is to offer our guests a moment of tranquility, a cocoon of total relaxation in a world of luxury.”

Not only are guests invited to unwind in the spa’s vitality pool, steam room and sauna, but they are also welcome to explore the property’s own private UNESCO heritage garden, just steps from Amsterdam’s historic Herengracht Canal.

“To create an unforgettable and tailor-made experience for all our valued guests, we combine customization and luxury with the exclusive massage techniques from Guerlain, invented in 1939,” Veerman says. “These massage techniques have been enriched by numerous exclusive treatment protocols, all created to offer the best in aesthetic expertise.”

Made specifically for this Guerlain spa, the Fusion Experience features long, flowing Swedish-style strokes incorporated with ice-cold balls of water, or “ice bubbles,” which release muscle tension and stimulate circulation. The experience blends warm oil with the ice, “re-creating the fusion between earth and water,” Veerman explains. “Those elements reflect the beautiful canals of our beloved capital, Amsterdam.”

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Unwind in the Grecian-style pool at Waldorf Astoria Versailles - Trianon Palace's Spa Guerlain


Bordering the Château de Versailles, the distinctive Waldorf Astoria Versailles – Trianon Palace feels like a luxurious country retreat, just 30 minutes from Paris.

“Our green and bucolic environment is ideal for reconnecting with your inner self,” says Julie Chaumier, Spa Guerlain and Health Club manager. “A significant part of our clientele comes from Paris, looking for the peacefulness of our unique environment.”

From the spa, guests take in magnificent garden views through oversize windows showcasing the property’s woodland surroundings. In addition to basking on the warm sun deck, spa guests access hammam and steam rooms, two fitness centers and an indoor pool modeled after a royal Grecian bathhouse.

For eight years, Waldorf Astoria Versailles – Trianon Palace has partnered with Guerlain — a perfect union. “We have in common a strong heritage and a beautiful story to tell,” Chaumier says. “Everything we do revolves around Guerlain’s history, image and technology. Our [spa] therapists are continuously trained to apply Guerlain’s expertise.”

Last year, when Waldorf Astoria Versailles – Trianon Palace served as base camp for the famous Ryder Cup, the property’s trainer collaborated with the international Guerlain training team and professional golfers to create a tailor-made comprehensive treatment.

“Designed to prepare for a round of golf or better recovery after a golf session, the Swing Parfait massage works the ligaments and tendons like the strings of an instrument; the body regains suppleness and balance,” Chaumier says. “I am very proud that my team is trained in this multifaceted massage, fully customizable and aimed at any athlete looking to let go and harmonize body and mind.”

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Relax with a Caledonian Chic massage at the Guerlain spa at Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh-The Caledonian


It’s only fitting that Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh – The Caledonian plays host to the U.K.’s only Guerlain Spa. After all, The Caledonian is one of Edinburgh’s most historic hotels. Built in 1903, this venerable property offers views of Edinburgh Castle and is within walking distance of the castle, the Royal Mile, and the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Created by Guerlain exclusively for The Caledonian, the property’s signature Caledonian Chic massage is based on Edinburgh Rock, also known as Castle Rock. The massage movements represent the lava flowing from a volcano, which is what formed the rock.

“Every treatment is transformed into a unique and personal occasion, a moment created especially for you,” says Claire Doering, spa manager. “This is the essence of the Guerlain experience, the perfect union of effective know-how and aesthetic expertise.”

The spa incorporates patented Guerlain methods and protocols dating back to the start of L’Institut Guerlain in 1939. Guests are always paired with an expert beauty coach who first performs a bodycare or skincare analysis. This test determines whether the experience will be relaxing — incorporating soft, slow and harmonious movements — or revitalizing, with firm, rapid and strong movements that leave guests feeling refreshed and lighthearted.

“Our beauty coaches begin each treatment with a precise skin diagnosis to reveal your specific beauty and well-being profile,” Doering says. “They gain intrinsic understanding of your essential concerns to tailor a treatment according to your needs and expectations.”

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Ease into the cloud-shaped pool at Waldorf Astoria Berlin's Guerlain spa


Every Guerlain experience begins with a personalized, guest-selected aromatic theme that awakens the senses and prepares the mind and body for ultimate relaxation. This tradition is no different at the five-star Waldorf Astoria Berlin Guerlain Spa, where the Guerlain Fragrance Journey and foot scrub ensure a scent-associated personal memory, according to spa manager Mary-Ann Kühn.

“Our beauty expert creates a unique experience based on the wishes of the guest,” Kühn says. “If, for example, the guest would like the treatment to focus on the delicate eye area, we will spend more time on the eyes and extend the treatment.”

Created by Guerlain especially for Waldorf Astoria Berlin, the Berlin Chic massage integrates highly sensorial and advanced massage techniques. “It gives you the best of both worlds,” Kühn says, “with enveloping movements to quiet the mind and deeper strokes to relieve tired, aching muscles.”

From the spa’s fifth-floor perch, guests enjoy lots of sunshine and bright city views thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows. The pool area, or “wellness oasis,” includes a whirlpool, two saunas and a cloud-shaped pool.

Reflecting this oasis environment, many of the spa’s treatments include Abeille Royale products featuring honey and royal jelly produced by black bees living on Ouessant Island — a region free from toxic influences. “The effects are stunning, the textures are melting, and the fragrance is divine,” Kühn describes, adding that bee products are some of the world’s most effective natural revitalizing substances.

But personalized care makes all the difference.

“My team fills the spa with professionalism and warmth,” Kühn says. “We are not only striving to exceed the expectations of our guests but to inspire them with our passion and dedication for Guerlain Berlin.”

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